About Us

/ē n,ēän/ noun 
an indefinite and very long period of time.

You see the world with the innocence of a child, yet you are as deep as the lines on your face.

You avoid the sun at all costs, yet you shine from within.

You would stop time if you could, yet you honour the past,
connect with the present and hope for the future.

You are eternal. You are ageless. You are Eon.

Laura Riopelle, Founder

About Eon

I created Eon because I believe you deserve a line of skincare products that offer the highest quality natural ingredients without sacrificing effectiveness. Eon was born after my own dermatological health issues surfaced several years ago and I was forced to rethink what I was putting on my skin. I set out to find the most effective natural skincare products on the market and discovered that the best options were simply out of my price range.

Why should high-quality natural skincare products be unattainable?

They shouldn't be!  So, I decided to change that. I immersed myself in education, research, and experimentation to develop my own line of products that provide a natural, mostly organic, affordable alternative that is equally (if not more) effective and luxurious than mainstream options. My products are blended by hand with the utmost love, attention, and care at my home-based lab in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

How are we different?

Our formulations harness the power of natural botanicals, free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, and a whole host of other questionable ingredients. We use natural, responsibly sourced and (wherever possible) organic ingredients designed to nourish the skin, at an affordable price.